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Fashionable organic cotton brand - Neerg Green


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Market Born takes pleasure in introducing the latest wave in organic fashion revolution - Neerg Green. The brand envisages an era of return to mother nature starting with the way we dress and its repercussions on our planet. At Neerg they work with honesty and transparency within the framework of Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) to produce eco-friendly dress materials with an outstanding fashion statement.

Currently they deal only with women's T-Shirts as it appears. I just cant wait till they have something for men. In India they have a lone stockist in Ahmedabad. You can find out more about Neerg Organic T Shirts here.

Personally, Varun Pratap is a long time friend of mine and I applaud his diligent efforts in making the vision a reality. We need more such young entrepreneurs and more such little revolutions to change our way of living and make planet earth a better place to live in.

Negative marketing in Travel Industry


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Today Market born is feeling like bashing some one up. No don’t worry I don’t have anything against you. (Unless you are one of those shame faced idiots I am going to mention) This is about the travel industry. I have been in the industry for two years now. Ever since I came to New Delhi looking for a change of air and job I have been in travel domain. I personally feel being an IT consultant in Travel field is just a wow position. Whatever; lets get down to this violent mood of mine today.

I like Delhi; well actually I love it. So it kind of brings my blood to boil when I see some people trying to tarnish its image. Take tomorrow’s case example. As I got down from the Rama Krishna Ashram Marg Metro, and walked towards my office, I noticed a young foreign couple trailing me. I let them overtake me on the pavement. After a couple of minutes a dark guy with somewhat formal attire that looked marginally beyond his wardrobe expenses approached them from behind. First he crossed them and went some 10 paces ahead. Then he slowed down and addressed the couple very cordially with broken English that matched his look and attitude. I could hear every word of their conversation. Now the dark guy enquired about the well being of the couple and where did the hail form. His communication skills were to a level where two human beings can understand each other barely. Next this guy asks them about their plans in Delhi and what all places have they visited in Delhi. He found out where they were staying and all basic information like these.

I was by then almost at my office but I called and informed that I will be late by an hour probably. Thus I decided to be a stalker for some time. By this time our foreign couple was getting slightly annoyed and this dark guy had switched to marketing mode form passerby mode. He was now offering tour packages to Agra and Jaipur. The white guy from our foreign couple then planned a diversionary tactics to avoid this dark Indian guy. He said they have to go the other way. But look at the guts of the shameless marketer; he was forcing them (verbally) to come with them to his office. He was insisting that they also change the hotel as the current one was “not good”. Finally the marketing became harassment. The voices rose on both sides. I was then shocked when this guy finally told the couple that “if you not come – then it will be bad”. Now this was enough and I could not take it any more. I asked back “How bad will it be?” First he was little taken aback with my intervention though he knew very well I had been following them. He threatened me to stay away out of this. I saw a traffic police guy ahead and called him over to which Mr Dark guy scampered cursing me.
The foreign couple thanked me for the help. I told them to be a little stronger while dealing with people like this. This is normal story happening every other minute in every major city of India. The department of tourism has been doing very little to stop this menace. I have seen one add till date to highlight this issue. Without strong implementation of rules against such marketing tactics that we call “lapka trade” in Delhi there is gong to be no good in the hospitality sector. In a situation like the above if you need help about travel information in India look for decent people who going about their normal lives or just use your smartphone to find the information online.

Still more clients desert satyam


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It was supposed that the acquisition by Tech Mahindra of the fraud hit IT giant Satyam computers would bring some stability to the company. But it looks the murkier days are to loom longer. Recently some Satyamites have confirmed the loss of two major projects and one average project. These termination of projects are supposed to add more than 500 workers to the bench strength. This will further enhance the number of workers who are dreading a pick slip.

Agilent Technologies and Lowe's Companies, two US based clients of Stayam computers have now closed the door on Satyam. This was then followed by Euronet Worldwide a banking Co. Agilent was supposed to be a big project that involved around 300 professionals. This was the second contract cancelled by Agilent. The previous one had happened in January this year when the project had gone to Hewlett Packard. This current loss has proved to be a gain for TCS.

It looks like all the hard work by Satyam and Tech Mahindra staffers to revive the tarnished reputation is not paying off well. IT manpower recruiters are now seeing a sharp rise in job application with workers dreading pink slips every passing day.

Indian Share Markets surge after election results


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There was a stupendous growth in market today with both BSE and NSE growing by more than 17% in two short trading periods. The poll results that came in on Saturday (16th May) falsified the exit polls prediction and confirmed a stable government. The current ruling alliance is now set to continue its show at centre for another five years.

The investor was buoyed by this news and invested heavily in everything that was reachable. The result was that most of the heavy weights saw margins of around 15 percent. Reliance industries had a whooping 21.73% rise in its fortunes. Other 20 plus percent gainers include Unitech, Bharati Airtel, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Larsen and Tubro, HDFC, Steel Authority of India LTD, Reliance Communications, DLF, Sun Pharma, Hero Honda, Reliance Capitals and Suzlon Energy.

Talking personally, when I wanted to sell of my holdings I found out that the market had closed for the day. Trading was allowed for a short while twice today. My holdings in Unitech are lucrative enough to sell of and book profits. I am looking forward to do so tomorrow. Today the trading graph was somewhat weird. I have attached a screen shot.

Payroll and Finance management outsourcing – Outright Advantages


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Why do companies, large or small, prefer outsourcing their payroll management and outsourcing tasks? Is it just the cost cutting front or is there something more to this. Well it’s not a mystery what drives outsourcing of payroll management. Let’s discuss the issues that are behind this global trend.

Honey, Its all about money.

Who won’t agree? Every businessman is here to book profits. So if someone offers quality service at lower investment instinctively we make the switch to the new service provider. It all depends on the cost of manpower in your city. Some times your work may not be large enough even for one accountant but you have to maintain two of them for smooth functioning of work. In this case outsourcing the job helps you save a lot of money.

Let’s do what we do best.

The core business should be the priority. Rest all may be important but nothing should bother the main business productivity. What many of the companies who cannot afford to appoint full time accountants assign this work to the most trusted workers. This way the productivity of the organization takes a beating. It may not be apparent but shedding of this work load to a payroll management company will only be profitable to you.

To err is human, but who will pay for the error.

Mistakes when they occur in accounting can be a real pain not just mentally but financially as well. If your accountant did the mistake you surely won’t hang him for the error. Neither can you press him for retribution. But if the job was outsourced to a specialist company then not only there are lesser chances of errors to seep through but you can also claim loss levelers.

Sorry no pay this month as our accountant is holidaying in Kerala

No it’s not funny. Your employees don’t like to hear this. They deserve their pay cheque and you won’t get anything by irritating your employees. Commitment is what matters today. Now if your payroll or taxation process was outsourced then you would keep your employees pleased and avoid late fines from tax department.

Too fast but not so furious

A team of experienced accountants headed by an expert will get your job done in rapid fast time whatever the level of complexity your job may offer. They will be better at handling taxes and offering you business specific and money saving tips.

Should your employees know every thing about your finances?

Serious question huh? Imagine one of you most competitive employees who also used to be your accountant leaves you to join your competitor. It’s not some thing new or rare. Every now and then people switch jobs to join rival business houses for a higher pay package or better position. Now in this case, would you like your rival to have an open book of you finances right before his nose? This would never happen if you had a professional finance house taking care of your payroll of finances.

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State of Share market after Election


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We shall be discussing today what will be the state of share market after the current parliament election results are out. Will there be a bear effect of a bull effect? We have done well considering the economic slowdown. How will the election and the new government help in this run?

The reports say historically the markets have crashed after polls if the public mandate is not clear. Now that it seems we are to see a severely fractured mandate we can expect a fall in share market in 15 days. But there is one thing that may make things different this time. Actually we are almost sure that we are going to witness a hung parliament. So the results may not come as a shock so the effect would not be drastic either. It could be less pronounced.

Now you may be wondering, why a hung parliament would bring down the share market? A hung parliament or a fractured mandate is actually a state when no political party or coalition has full majority to make form the government. It shows the making of an unstable government. An unstable government will not be as effective in taking strong economic decisions or other decisions of national importance. Investors then feel insecure about their investments in this particular country. This leads to a huge withdrawal of FDI which eventually brings down the market.

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the Market Born Image


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Its difficult to create an Image of a Market Born -The Philosophic, Analytic, Opportunist, Humorous Blogger in your mind. So I though lets fuel the imagination and get you an sneak peek of the Market born.

So check this out.

I tend to me a mystic sometimes. I had an urge to show market born’s glistening teeth from below the hood. But thought better of it. May be if some toothpaste or chewing gum company pays me I shall do it. He he.

Market Born makes his first post.


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Job markets world wide are plummeting. Every now and then we come across news of lay offs and companies going bankrupt. We wonder how long is this going to continue.
Specialists tell us the unemployment rate will continue to mount well into 2013. Yes I agree it’s scary. Presently we could see as high as a ten percent of our population without employment. So one wonders again will the sinking economy ever revive! What about the revival signs that are starting to shine in the horizon? Can we bank our hopes on them? What about the Indian and Chinese economies? Were not they supposed to be playing a major role in marshaling the world economy this year?

There are so many questions in the common man’s mind. He has been optimistic till now. Actually there is no alternative to being optimistic. The mists will go and the sun will shine again. It has always been this way I suppose. The number of lay offs and salary cuts are going down each month. The worst is probably over and things will get better by the day. I am starting this blog with a motive of keeping up the discussions about markets and earning opportunities. If this blog provides you any bit of fact or info to do well in life or business that will be my achievement.

I am an IT and Internet marketing consultant based in New Delhi, India. Some of my clients include MM Enterprises, a reputed manpower consultancy, Spurs Business Solutions, netgoons.com and Travel Mazaa – an ambitious travel startup.