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Types of Finger Puppets


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An un-animated object used to entertain or spread a social message is known as a Puppet. Puppetry, the art of playing puppets is considered an ancient theatre art form where a puppeteer uses his body parts to control the actions of puppets.

There are different types of puppets available in the market viz finger puppets, hand puppet, pull string puppet, shadow puppet and many more. These puppets are beautifully made out of wide variety of materials.
Many puppet manufacturing companies have jumped into the market offering their customers a wide range of finger puppets at diverse price range. Finger-puppets, a leading puppet manufacturing company offers a wide range of puppets to its customers. Woollen-knitted puppets, cloth finger puppets, paper puppets and plastic finger puppets are the best selling finger puppets amongst others.

Woollen Knitted puppets are amongst the best selling finger puppets available in the market. They are knitted carefully and skilfully out of soft and cosy wool. Most of the puppets are made of 100% sheep wool. Knitting is the key skill required to produce amazing woollen knitted finger puppets.

Cloth Puppets are generally hand sewn out of different coloured clothes. They can be modified as per the requirement. They are stitched with the help of simple drawings. Simple drawings are made on the cloth and later cut out. These cut-outs are then stitched together. Cloth finger puppets can be made at home easily.

Paper Puppets are beautiful form of puppets used to interact with kids or for education purposes. They are wonderfully made with the help of coloured pictures, marker and a tape. Different faces are made on the front side of paper puppet. These puppets are used in preparatory schools for story telling.

Plastic Puppets are the most commercially used finger puppets in the market. They are used for promotional activities and advertisements. Plastic puppets are designed with different images of popular individuals, brand mascots or animals.

Puppetry is a great art form used differently in different countries. Finger-puppets, leading finger puppets manufacturing company produces unique and amazing finger puppets with distinct designs.

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