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Bayer is poisoning our Rice


Posted on : 10:53 AM | By : Tornado_strikes | In : , ,

Market born will like to bring it to your notice that multinational corporations are now using our rice fields to develop genetically modified rice varieties. Leading the sly pack of scheming MNCs is Bayer. They have acquired a lot of farm land in the village of Chinnakanjarla , about 45 kilometers from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh where the genetic contamination of our staple diet is going on in full swing. A similar attempt to introduce genetically modified Brinjal was thwarted by a group of alert individuals in New Delhi recently. Details Here

You may be wondering what the problem here is. What is wrong with GM food crops? Why are we making a pandemonium out of this? What is the imminent danger?
Well then let me tell you bluntly that you are a little too ignorant about facts.

Most of the countries have banned GM crops form their market. Or at least they have strict laws that brands GM food separately from normal food. We don’t have such rules in India . Taking the advantages of loop holes in our law and administration the big MNCs are using our markets as a dump of such GM crap that the world is rejecting.

There have been numerous examples of failure of GM technology in recent times. The BT cotton was a farce. It not only crippled the economy of the cotton growers in Maharashtra who tried them boldly but let to suicides in dozens. You can also check out the side effects on the workers who worked on the cotton fields. It was deliberately suppressed by local authorities though. The BT cotton was supposed to be resistant to bollworm, cotton plants No 1 enemy. But it was prone to other silly pests as well. The problem was finally blamed on wrong gene selection.

This is to highlight the fact that it takes very long years or trials before the dangers of Genetic manipulation can be observed. Some times it could take generation to notice backfire. But in Humans a generation is a long time to observe. Even if we do observe its too late to reverse the genetic code. This would ultimately lead to a catastrophe a thousand times worse than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki episode. And believe me or not the GM brinjal was ready to be introduced in Market in India within mere weeks of actual trial. What if there is a similar case of wrong gene selection in Rice? We have seen how smart our Government and its team of Technical Fools are. All they can see is Dollars not the plight of the nation. It is time to stand up for your own rice.

If you want to help then check this out. http://www.greenpeace.org/india/stand-up-for-your-rice

For more Information use the links below:

http://www.who.int/foodsafety/publications/biotech/20questions/en/ (WHO Stats are not sure about GM methodlogy.)

Diseases to GM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6EIlNaqM60

Revelation By Monsanto Whistle Blower http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?aid=3912&context=va

WTF is future of insurance in India?


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I was just thinking about my life insurance investments. Its time to file the income tax returns and I have to do some serious calculations about saving as much as I can. Out of curiosity I did some searches about Life Insurance at random. I tried the keywords “future of insurance in India” and I saw this result on page one of Google Results. The title of the page reads “Insurance, the Future Boom Sector of India “. I know I am not an authority in English Language but that did not sound right or read right either. I checked the site for more details. Now this post is by some crackpot who claims to be a professor in one of the reputed management institute of the country. Tell me what the hell is a future boom sector.

Now I will share with you another episode form the Insurance Drama recently in my life. One distant acquaintance, my Dad's colleague's son, came over to my place this week. He was supposed to stay in contact with me as we are form the same distant city of Bhubaneswar, our native place. This way we were to help each other in the time of need. Now this guy is an MBA. But I was pissed off totally when he tried to sell me his insurance packages. I learned that he has been doing this for an year now. Is that what Managers are supposed to do? My roommate's share broker wants to sell him insurance policies all the time. Is that what you call a BOOM? Well in a few days when you go to the green grocer and ask for a Kilo of Potatoes he will inquire about your investments and start recommending life insurance policies. To hell with the Boom.