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Posted on : 12:22 AM | By : Tornado_strikes

When it comes to construct a tall building, proper management and planning is required to make it safe as far as workplace casualties are concerned. In the major cities, there are strict administrations followed with the OSHA policy. Apart from the working permits given by the city administrators, it’s the safety of the workers which should be taken in account by the construction companies.

Several procedures are carried out in constructing a building right from details of the project, their progress, the safety index or you can say the number of accidents happened during the construction so far. All these information are posted on a billboard on the construction site and are strictly followed.

Before starting a project, the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration) is implemented and a Safety Engineer (SE) is hired by the construction company. All the required training, drills, equipments and tools that are needed for safety at a workplace are coordinated by the engineer. He remains responsible for the safety concerns. For this, he should well be trained in First Aid and Emergency to qualify in the position. At times, possibility of falls may be arise. So he maintains an everyday safety records.

For safety at the construction site, various procedures and policies are drawn and designed. Workers are divided into groups or divisions headed by each representative for each group to look out for safety levels go around him. Responsibilities are assigned to every person by the engineer and in case falls occur or any safety related issue arises the representatives will have to report them to the management.

Methods to avoid the falls possibility are recommended by him including fall protection devices like quality hard hats, harness and additional railings. Lifelines and Fall Protection Safety Nets are some of the measures followed for Fall Arrest Systems. These nets are surrounded around the edges of the levels to catch and prevent workers from falling. The chances some unseen catastrophe and accidents can also be avoided by proving training to some of his key persons.

The job of a Safety Engineer is not easy as he has to work with different people and at the same time needs to have a check on the safety aspect of construction site. There are many instances of Safety Engineers being fired because of death of workers on sight. His job weighs a high responsibility.

This procedure is also followed in Aircraft Fall Protection though completely different things are used there. Specifications of the aircraft make the job tough with different tools and devices.

Now-a-days, it is easier to keep up the safety prospects high with technological advances. But it should be better for construction companies to maintain their safety record and wait for some time till their next certification.