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Construction Market looking up in London


Posted on : 3:34 AM | By : Tornado_strikes

Citing a recent post on New York Born is glad to report that construction Industry is looking positive in recent times. After a long slump [ref] now construction companies are seeing more orders.

Construction orders rose 1 percent in the three months to November compared with the previous three months, giving an annual rise of 4 percent, official data showed on Thursday. The Office for National Statistics said private housing orders were 56 percent higher in the three months to November compared with the
previous three months and were 23 percent higher than a year ago.
Infrastructure orders were 28 percent lower than in the previous three months but shot up 102 percent on the year, while private commercial orders were up 17 percent on a three-month/three-month basis but were down 34 percent on the
With this we hope the requirement for manpower professionals like constructions and safety engineers will rise too. Rise in constructions orders will spur a demand for metals and constructions material as well. Historically growth of Infrastructure and Real Estate sectors has been associated with a strong economy. So shall we take it as a strengthening economy? Time will say.